You take the good place as internal fertilization by the bad,
You take erect penis of the male inserted and there you have
The Facts of Life ejaculates semen, which contains sperm. The Facts of Life!

There’s a time you got to “coitus”, “mating” or “having sex”
You’re growin’ cervix into the uterus or Fallopian tubes. Now you know about
The Facts of fertilization and implantation, gestation of Life. The Facts of Life!

When the world which the fetus develops
Livin’ your dreams inside the female. During this time
Suddenly you’re finding oxygenated blood from the female, filtered through the placenta.
The Facts of Life are all about you, you fetus’ abdomen via an umbilical cord!

It takes a lot, taxing on the female, who is required to ingest to get ‘em right.
When you’re learning certain vitamins and other nutrients. The Facts of Life learning the Facts of Life!
Learning the Facts, creating abnormal eating habits.
Gestation period is about Learning the Facts of Life!

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