Crow, the morning after

Woke too late for anything but celebration.
Last night’s medicine and this morning’s cure
by now in free-fall with May pollen

takes everything you have to hold the cup.
Am I still your blue-eyed baby boy,
sunshine, seeing as how we ate all the trees

and every damned machine breaks from time to time?
Dry rain from backyard ash
prints soil outside with circuits made of seeds

but I woke up humming.
Still too early to catch you at it,
crows at dawn in violence with blue light

Communicable disease, and ideas

13-year-old J is a process
whereby the metropole claims
sovereignty over the colony

Bullying seems to be involved
as a form of capitalism, enforcing exploitation
and social change
although officials say they have not seen any proof of that

But over at the J, his cousin
reportedly stated otherwise.

“The morning of September 18, 2012, my cousin decided to
jump humans, such as smallpox
strikingly larger in the Old World than in the New

because he was being bullied,” she said.
The 7-iron resting against the wall in Le Quoc Quan’s office
is for self-defense not sport

16-year-old M has been accompanied by economic expansion since ancient times
He was long before Europeans discovered an exploitable means of creating
inexpensive labour for the principal staging ground for dissent

Rulers are trying to clamp down
with new laws, stepped up arrests, intimidation and longer prison sentences.

A junior at Area High School played football
for three years. Again, the subject of bullying often introduced
new diseases, which sometimes caused local epidemics
of extraordinary virulence

but the state firewall is so flimsy
that even schoolchildren know how to fiddle
brought up by his peers as well as on a Facebook tribute page.

His twin brother wasn’t sure if bullying
was the sole reason, but M did leave a note
that had a period starting in the early 15th century
and continuing to the 17th century
during which Europeans explored Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania

Three days later, 15-year-old J left without a sea route to Asia,
either via Africa or South America

She was also a student at Area High School
and a member of the Area High School Cheerleading Team

“The growth of the Internet is endangering the government!”
The sophomore reportedly had a 3.5 grade average
and comes from an involved family. I read some rumors
that she and M were a dramatically widespread exchange
of animals, plants, culture, human populations (including slaves)

communicable disease, and ideas
but the motive has not been officially reported

Old gas station lighting

O nobly-born,
listen. If thou know
six lights will shine

dull white a dull green light
dull yellow light from the sun

daylight the time
appears; daybreak; dawn

anything that allows the entrance
a window or compartment of a window
being visible or known

hundreds of glass shades, porcelain library
explosion proof fixtures and old gas station lighting.

or spiritual insight

A person considered to be an authority or leader
now seen as a process,
more than an event

conditions once considered reversible
Where in the process a dividing line is drawn between

life and death depends on factors beyond the presence or absence of signs

clinical death is neither necessary nor sufficient
working heart determined to be brain dead
can be pronounced legally without occurring.

as scientific knowledge and medicine advance
a precise medical definition becomes brightness of countenance,
a sparkle in dull blue light from the Brute-world,

a dull red light
a smoke-coloured light

partake of the colour of the light
of the place to be born

Fur gun

Sang flawed with the blood undone. The same as word, witched up and still, only on traffic, cuckold slip down runaway hill. Up to the hilt decisions tinder, twins fists sippy-cups with a grudge drone place, an inky outer flow. Oh, grunts the sky, oh flotation, as in systemic sepsis. I remain skeptical but concerned about you, sleep with onions and androids and jaw-knotted city skeletons still and tinkling and still and in the breeze, blackened by hush. Mills killed us when songs flowed out, flayed us or on bridges as in on arctic ice wind pushed through the mouth, froze guts. My fur gun again failed to amuse us. Broke another cartomizer with money stuffed my cheeks, the pissed-on nuts for winter with decisions floated on eons of raw clots, thought stars more than guests on your hands, pissed in the empathy twilight. This was after noon sometime. Over and done with stitches, the river’s cleaned her cuts in her dreams maybe, silted her with minnows arrowed up under her skin. To see it move.

Stung drought with drafts of fear.